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The Old Duke is a music venue situated on the cobbled King Street in the heart of Bristol. Named after Duke Ellington, the pub has become world famous for it's live traditional, New Orleans inspired Jazz music.

More recently the pub has added Blues and more modern Jazz bands to its program and now has live music on every night of the week and on Sunday lunch times.

The 50th Anniversary of Jazz at The Old Duke

Pete Harrison's Duke Ellington Sign

Pete Harrison's Duke Ellington Sign

Graeme Robbin's Duke Ellington Sign

Graeme Robbin's Duke Ellington Sign

Posh restaurants, seedy clubs, dancing academies, even a Y.M.C.A. summer-house, all have been the setting for jazz in Bristol. For years, musicians and band managers searched in vain for the ideal venue. Upstairs rooms in pubs were tried; some were successful, some not, but in the end something always went wrong. Until one day in 1967.

The wife of the then Landlord of the Duke, acquainted with Mike and Sheila Edkins and knowing they managed a jazz band, invited them to inspect the upstairs clubroom. Peeling wallpaper not withstanding, it was decided to have a go, for one night only and see what happened.

So it was that Gerry Bath's Okeh Rhythm Kings set up their instruments to play their first ever jazz gig at the Duke. It was Saturday, 1st April, 1967- All Fools Day! But it was a success from the first number.

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Bands - add your profile to our site.

If you are in a band that plays at the Old Duke would you like your profile featured on this web site? Just email a description of your band, a photograph and even an mp3 of your music and we will add it to our band profiles.

The Severn Jazzmen Filmed at Konrad Anioul's Old Duke Bristol on 8mm Film in 1970's

Centre Piece from Peter Fisher on Vimeo.

the old duke

My Home of Music 

A brand new documentary series kicks off this September on BBC Radio Bristol. Broadcast every weeknight at 6.15 on BBC Radio Bristol, 'My Home of Music' tells the personal stories of musical homes in the West. 

And we have been featured! 

Throughout the series, locations will range from The Old Duke, The Glen and The Granary to Russ Conway's childhood home and the Bristol Institute of Modern Music. The programmes will also be telling the story of those less likely musical homes, such as Twerton Park, Milsom Street in Bath and music therapy at St. Peters Hospice.

See this 'My Home of Music' video of The Old Duke in Bristol.

BBC Radio Bristol invites people to visit the Colston Hall throughout the series and record their message.Visitors will also be able to listen to some of the pieces on the BBC Radio Bristol Theatre Jukebox in the Glass Room. 

Listeners can also tweet @myhomeofmusic or email

For more information see here:

The Old Duke

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